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Plumbing is one of the most common repairs to homes and businesses. With many licensed professionals to choose from, consider these factors when hiring a plumber in San Diego: specialization, availability, ease of getting parts, experience with old or new construction and work guarantees. We researched the best plumbers in San Diego to help you find a contractor that fits your plumbing needs.

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    Courtesy Plumbing
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    The Brinks Group
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    Anderson Plumbing Heating & Air
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    9692 Via Excelencia Ave., Ste. 105
    San Diego, CA 92126
    (619) 308-6528
    Colepepper Services
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    11440 W. Bernardo Ct., #300
    San Diego, CA 92127
    (619) 838-1322
    ARS Rescue Rooter
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    9895 Olson Dr.
    San Diego, CA 92121
    (858) 695-1060
    My Plumber
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    7150 Convoy Ct.
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    Getting plumbers in San Diego

    San Diego skyline

    Leaky faucets are one of the most common problems fixed by plumbers in San Diego, along with septic issues and broken water heaters.

    Plumbers might have fixed prices for common services like unclogging toilets and drains. Some charge per hour while some charge by the job. Parts are usually charged separately, especially custom components that repairmen do not have on their trucks. Be sure to ask about travel fees and emergency service surcharges.

    Common repairs for plumbing in San Diego

    Service Average price range
    Unclog drain $113 - $290
    Repair toilet $138 - $337
    Unclog toilet $85 - $600
    Repair sewer main $1,183 - $5,000
    Replace/install water heater $883 - $1,414

    Some plumbers in San Diego specialize in kitchen and bath installations or remodels while others focus on repair of existing pipes and fixtures. Some provide 24/7 service for emergencies, like clogged or leaking pipes that can lead to water damage.

    Neighborhoods with older homes, such as Point Loma and La Jolla, might have decaying galvanized pipes that cause water to have an odor or brown color. Some historic neighborhoods developed during or before the 1920s, such as South Park or Banker’s Hill, might still have original terracotta sewer pipes connecting them to city systems. A city-wide project to replace the clay pipes is underway.

    Frozen pipes probably won’t affect most of San Diego County, but residents in areas that dip below freezing in the winter, like Julian, Alpine and other mountain communities, should be aware of the possibility.

    A reputable plumbing company must be licensed with the state, as well as bonded and insured. You can check contractor licenses on the Contractors State Licensing Board website.

    Some common plumbing projects may require permits from the city, including:

    • Kitchen or bathroom remodeling
    • Washing machine installation
    • Water heater replacement
    • Water or sewer piping repairs
    • Gas line repairs
    • Repair or replacement of drains
    • Water softener installation
    • Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) for domestic service

    Contractors should be knowledgeable about the permit process. Unpermitted work can be removed if an inspector deems it unsafe or improper, leading to costly replacement. Municipal fines might also apply.

    San Diego Plumbers Reviews


    Roto-Rooter was founded in 1935 and is the largest plumbing provider in North America. They specialize in drain cleaning, plumbing and water damage restoration. Reviewers in San Diego liked their friendly, efficient service and thorough attention to problems. Check online for coupons.


    Core Plumbing

    Core Plumbing is a San Diego father and son team based in Rancho Penasquitos. They offer a full range of plumbing services with attention to craftsmanship. Reviewers consistently give this company five stars for great communication, professional service and knowledgeable employees.

    Core Plumbing

    Black Mountain Plumbing

    Black Mountain Plumbing is owned locally in Scripps Ranch and operates in San Diego County. Their informative website gives tips on common plumbing problems and extensive information to consider when shopping for plumbing repair. Reviewers enjoyed their honest practices and many report being repeat customers.

    Black Mountain Plumbing