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Find the Best Dental Insurance in San Diego, CA

Dental visits are necessary for oral and overall health, but high costs discourage many from getting regular care. If you don’t have access to benefits through an employer or public program, you might consider enrolling in a private plan to lower your out-of-pocket costs. We researched the best dental insurance in San Diego so you find affordable coverage for a wide range of services.

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How to choose dental insurance in San Diego

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Going to the dentist is just as important as seeing your medical doctor, but it’s expensive without coverage. According to the California Department of Public Health, only 2 in 3 adults and 3 in 4 children in the state saw a dentist at least once in recent 12-month spans. Those who didn’t go to a dentist listed lack of coverage as a major reason.

Dental insurance in San Diego makes seeing a dentist less expensive. Research shows that those with coverage are more likely to schedule appointments for themselves and their kids.

There are different types of dental insurance in San Diego: Preferred provider organization (PPO) plans, dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plans and indemnity plans are among the most popular. There are also dental savings plans, which are not insurance but do provide cost-saving benefits.

Type of plan How it works
PPO In-network dentists contract with the insurance company to provide services at reduced rates; you pay coinsurance (a share of the cost) at a percentage depending on the type of service; a deductible and annual maximum usually apply
DHMO Choose from a limited network of dentists and make copayment (fixed dollar amount) for each service; plans often have no deductible or annual maximum
Indemnity Visit any dentist; you pay coinsurance at a percentage depending on the type of service; a deductible and annual maximum apply
Dental savings Get discounts off services from participating dentists; you pay 100 percent of the costs (no cost-sharing); there are no deductibles or annual limits to savings

Most dental insurance in San Diego will cover preventive care — regular exams, cleanings and X-rays — at 100 percent with no deductible. But if you have a history of more extensive dental work or anticipate needing it in the future, check to see how various treatments are categorized and covered.

Also, be aware that dental insurance plans have a waiting period between enrollment and coverage of certain procedures. These generally range from six to 12 months. One advantage of dental savings plans in San Diego is they have no waiting periods.

How much is dental insurance in San Diego?

The cost of dental insurance in San Diego depends on several factors:

  • Age
  • Tobacco use
  • Plan type/details
  • Number of covered individuals

A 40-year-old who doesn’t use tobacco buying an individual policy can expect to spend $20 - $60 per month for dental insurance in San Diego. Adding a spouse and two young children will raise the premiums to $80 - $200. Dental savings plans are generally cheaper, starting at $100 for an individual and $150 for a family.

When choosing dental insurance or a dental savings plan in San Diego, make sure you understand the coverage fully. San Diegans have found both types of dental benefits to be cost-effective.

Dental Insurance Reviews


Dental savings plans from 1Dental.com discount services at a large network of dentists by 15 - 60 percent. Choose between two plans in San Diego and start seeing the benefits within days. All applicants are accepted regardless of pre-existing conditions, and both individual and family plans are available. If you aren’t satisfied with membership, get a refund within 30 days of signing up. Reviewers speak positively of the customer service and savings from 1Dental.com.



DentalPlans.com offers several dental savings plans in San Diego. Become a member and start saving 10 - 60 percent on dental procedures. There are no waiting periods or annual caps. DentalPlans.com will match competitors’ prices and allow you to switch your savings plan anytime. Customers report satisfaction with savings and appreciate the number of plan options.



UnitedHealthcare, one of the leading U.S. health insurers, offers standalone dental coverage in San Diego. Plans are available for customers of all budgets and dental needs, and there is no waiting period or deductible for preventive services. Reviewers like UnitedHealthcare’s coverage of exams and cleanings and have successfully filed claims for basic and major services.